MindQuility Limited is a Trinidad-based organisational consultancy and mental health services firm. We take a multidisciplinary approach to addressing individual or organisational concerns and challenges. Our main focus is your main focus - positive, sustainable results.

MindQuility's fundamental goal is to impress upon both individuals and organisations the incredible impact that mental health bears on overall health, relationships, well-being, happiness, success and productivity. We aim to revolutionize the manner in which mental health is viewed, explored and treated within Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

In addition to our therapeutic services, MindQuility develops and delivers various specialized training programmes and workshops. We offer Human Resource support by way of specific recruitment and selection processes, programme development, EAP services, consultancy, training and organisational analyses. These efforts are all aimed at improving organisational culture, boosting morale, motivation and productivity, and enhancing the health and wellbeing of staff.

The clinical leg of the company has within its portfolio services such as, psychoeducational and career-based assessments, coaching, individual, group and family therapy and crisis intervention/mental health first-aid services. We believe in the importance of offering holistic interventions merging body and mind treatments (such as mindfulness-based stress reduction and yoga) to elicit optimum physical and mental well-being.

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We are committed to serving the community by way of charitable endeavours, mental health-related education and support. We are defined by our people and so, we take the time to ensure that our teams maintain high standards of ethical and professional service. Our charitable objective is to supply food and counseling to those who would otherwise have to endure without. 

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The MindQuility Advantage

At MindQuility, we maintain an extremely high standard of service, professionalism and ethical practice. Our clients benefit in many ways from our highly experienced and professional multi-disciplinary team, which includes Organisational, Clinical, Child and Educational Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medical Consultants, Social Workers, Neuroscientists, Researchers, and Legal Consultants.

Particularly, at the core of MindQuility’s functioning, is the directive of highly trained Organisational Psychologists, which affords us the advantage of an in-depth understanding of the organisation, how it functions and importantly, how its driving force – the people – affect and are affected by its operations behaviourally, socially and psychologically. True success in efficiently running an organization is strongly dependent on the careful interlinkage of these important factors. These elements (the staff, the organization and other stakeholders) form a symbiotic relationship whereby neglecting either may result in a lower success rate. Our unique organisational expertise positions us to develop interventions that are extremely effective and efficient.

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